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Stress isn’t good company for a pregnant woman. Though one can do a lot to combat stress during pregnancy – meditate, exercise, breathe right – but diet mismanagement can make all these good practices fall apart. ‘What you eat and how you eat have a direct co-relation with your soaring stress levels. A nutritious diet can counteract the impact of stress, by shoring up your immune system and lowering blood pressure,’ says Neeraj Mehta, fitness professional, nutritionist and director of GFFI Fitness Academy. Here’s some diet tips that can keep you stress free while you eat and bond with your baby-bump:

Get high on proteins: During pregnancy, along with the increase in calories the need for protein intake also rises. Without adequate protein your body might feel sluggish and tired too often, adding to your stress quotient. Your protein intake during pregnancy should increase by 10 g. Protein helps in cell and muscle development of both you and your baby. Eggs and chicken are by far the best source of protein. If you are a vegetarian, include all varieties of pulses, soya and sprouts to get the requisite amount of protein on your plate. ‘Even 4 to 6 ounces (approximately 120 g) of beans or legumes in a day can cover-up your daily requirement of protein,’ says Neeraj.

Include astringent foods in your diet: Astringent foods are the foods that help your body absorb water, tighten the tissues. They are found in legumes, raw fruits and vegetables and certain herbs. ‘Having astringent foods can make one feel calm during pregnancy the natural way. Oatmeal, lentils, beans, grapes and bananas are some common astringent foods. They contain tannin, the molecule that gives them their dryness... read full article about nutritious drinks here

Energy Drinks in South Africa

SABMiller’s South African soft drinks business is aiming for up to 5% medium-term annual volume growth, but has warned of current challenges such as a weakening Rand and social unrest in the lead-up to elections.

At the company's latest quarterly divisional seminar in London today (31 March), John Ustas, MD of Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI), said the unit has “significant” growth potential, boosted by an expanding middle class and a large teen population in South Africa. The division, which has a 91% share in South Africa’s CSD market, is the largest Coca-Cola bottler in Africa.

The unit previously had a medium-term volume target compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2% to 5%, which has now been raised to 3% to 5%. "We are very bullish on the future," said Ustas.

He flagged that ABI is expanding the number of packaging options, including offering Coca-Cola products in 2.5-litre, 2.25-litre and 1.5-litre bottles. The company is also upping its focus on other soft drink segments, such as the growing juice, water and energy drinks markets in South Africa.

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Mealie-meal is a relatively coarse flour (much coarser than cornflour or cornstarch) made from maize (called mielies or mealies). It is a staple food in South Africa, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana and many other parts of sub-Saharan Africa, traditionally made into umphokoqo, sour-milk porridge, pap, and also Umqombothi (a type of beer).

The raw ingredient of mealie-meal is added to boiling water, or boiling milk for a creamier texture, and the result is a porridge with a very thick texture. It is eaten at breakfast as porridge, and also with meat and gravy as a mashed potato substitute. It is similar to Italian polenta or American grits except that it is usually made of a white rather than a yellow maize variety.

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Top 10 South African Dishes


This jerky-type air-dried meat (usually beef) is savored nearly everywhere by nearly everyone. It was a life-sustaining mainstay of the Boers during their historic, northward Great Trek into Africa’s interior in the 1830s.

Grilled game

The animals are usually farm raised. The rest are legally hunted, or less likely, poached. Local favorites include ostrich, crocodile, and antelope (the eland and springbok are gourmet treasures). If you categorize the popular caterpillar-like mashonzha worm as game meat, then add this widely praised treat to the list. It can be grilled, stewed, whatever.


Marinated, cubed meat (usually lamb) is skewered and barbecued shish-kebab style.


It's like the British shepherd's pie, but the minced meat is curried - and the topping is frothy custard instead of mashed potatoes. It has a Cape Malay heritage.


Literally, farmer’s sausage. It's made with seasoned beef or pork.


Name means maize (corn). Frequently served on-the-cob, or made into a beer. Mealie is also a widely used ingredient in bread or porridge – the basic diet of the poor South African.


A heavily spiced stew incorporating meat (typically lamb) and vegetables. Tomato Bredie is the best-known version of this specialty, introduced by the Cape Malays.

Rock lobster

This is not a true lobster (it lacks claws), but it's quite tasty, especially when grilled.


A traditional meat-and-vegetable stew of the Boers. It's slowly cooked in a three-legged cast-iron pot over coals.


Translates "milk tart". It's a milk-egg-and-sugar dessert custard prepared in a round pastry shell.


They include:

Droewor  - air-dried sausage
Hoenerpastei - chicken pie
Ingelegde vis - pickled fish
Frikkadel  - meat patty or ball
Koeksister - braided cruller
Samosa - Indian savory pastry

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As far back as history goes with the Zulu, meat, wild plants and grain has always been key in their diet. Meat normally served with putu (corn porridge), samp (maize and beans), yams and greens.
When eating Zulu traditional food, it is ritual and custom to all share from the same plate or cup and also symbolizes friendship and welcome. Children traditional all eat from the same plate and before eating, hands are washed and afterwards, mouths are rinsed.

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Hi all Tasty Mageu fans, we are excited to announce our Tasty Mageu Competition.

Our Tasty Mageu promo team is in the Polokwane CBD area and all you need to do to enter is, BUY a bottle of Tasty Mageu in any store, show us proof of your purchase on your receipt, write your name and number on the receipt and drop it in the Tasty Mageu box that is with the promo team.

Prize is a R1500-00 CASH Prize and the draw will take place on the 26th of April 2014!

You have to be in it, to win it!

20140214_114703 20140214_114936Keep an eye out for us! The more times you enter, the more times you have a chance to win.

Tasty Mageu has had a brilliant launch week so far, tasting stations were set up at Waltloo on Monday and Sunset  on Tuesday (both stores in President Paul Kruger Street).

Like we said before "Tasty Mageu" the brand is officially buzzing in the streets of Polokwane. Feedback has been amazing and we just getting started!

Friendly Tasty Mageu promoters:Sun2.11-02-2014Happy customer:

Sun1.11-02-2014Many more pictures will be taken over the months to follow with BIG prize winners.So keep your eyes pealed for the friendly Tasty Mageu team within Polokwane CBD!


Tasty Mageu is already  in the a number of shops in Limpopo Province, however on Monday the 10th of February 2014 we will be officially launching "TASTY MAGEU" in Polokwane CBD. It is going to be exciting!

Please feel free to approach any of our promoting ladies for product information as well as directions to our tasting station.

It is a NEW concept and it is a MUST SEE & MUST TASTE!

The phrase "Tasty Mageu - Just ADD Water, Shake & Enjoy" will be ringing in your mind while the smooth texture and delicious flavors are doing the Happy Dance on your tongue.

See you there!

Best Regards
Tasty Mageu