About Us

Tasty Mageu is a product inspired by the good will of people helping each other through good times & struggling times. Tasty Mageu was designed as "convenience in a bottle".

Two brothers from Limpopo Province in South Africa brought the product Tasty Mageu to life after many hours of research. We found that there was a huge gap in the market for nutritional on-the-go-meals as peoples life styles are getting busier by the day and soaring food prices. The idea to bottle dry powder mix in a bottle and call it Tasty Mageu, seemed crazy at first, but after much thought and a pros & cons analysis, we decided that it is the way to go.

We understood the risk of changing a life long tradition of drinking mageu by putting a powder mix in a bottle and calling in Tasty Mageu, but still decided to take on the challenge due to the superior taste of our product.

Tasty Mageu’s goal is to assist in the perseverance of the "Good" to eliminate hunger globally. Tasty Mageu is our footprint in Africa to feed, fill and nourish tummies.

We are a proud business situated in the heart of Limpopo Province with a huge driving force for the Greater Good.

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